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Pioneering advances in cartography

Kartographie Huber began earning its well-deserved reputation as a pioneer in cartography when the company was launched in 1969. As early as 1986, the enterprise drew the first digital map on an Apple Macintosh computer. No larger than a postage stamp, it was nonetheless a milestone in map production!
     Today, the professional world and beyond holds Kartographie Huber in high esteem for its department of Geographical Information System (GIS) and the digital terrain models it has created using satellite data. The company offers applications for the Web, CD-ROM/ DVDs and navigation systems as well as fully integrated solutions. Kartographie Huber, its experts and specialised partners originally developed or enhanced many of today’s well known cartographic technologies such as new research programs, patented internet applications, sophisticated map viewer programs with CMS systems, e-learning, e-malls and differential SAR interferometry (DiffSAR).
      Kartographie Huber maps truly stand out with their clear colours, intuitively understood symbols and excellent editing.