Huber Verlag – a publishing house

Kartographie Huber founded Huber Verlag, a dedicated publishing house, in 1999. Huber Verlag distributes and publishes innovative products featuring new layouts, materials and contents, such as Peters’ World Map, the best-selling map worldwide, and Peters’ World Atlas with a selection of more than 250 thematic maps, each featuring a single topic. Huber Verlag also markets patented fold-up maps customised to suit the clients’ wishes. Offering a remarkably clear and concise view of contents, they provide fast orientation in an ultra compact folded single sheet format.

Topping this, the publishing house recently developed CityWalker, the world’s first patent-folded travel guide with integrated MP3 player.
     CityWalker comprises two components. One is a map section featuring localised key points of interest, descriptions of sights and suggested tours. The other very special feature is the included MP3 player. This tiny audio player offers tourism information of interest to travelers over a set of headphones, providing a captivating, compelling account of the given city’s history rich in depth and breadth.