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Greater success with a sole-source approach

Kartographie Huber is able and ready to implement clients’ ideas and projects from start to finish. With its large complement of experts, international experience and strong partner network, the company is ideally suited for complex and extended projects. Kartographie Huber’s team analyses tasks with exacting precision. It develops the best solutions with state-of-the-art tools and design capabilities. Beyond this, Kartographie Huber is renowned for its speedy, flexible response and reasonable pricing.

Compiling: design, data acquisition and capture, digitalization automatisms, updating, archiving, geo-coding  WEB Mapping / GIS: thematic content, scaleable maps, data mining, e-mall, migration data, Online GIS, MapViewer  Development: knowledge databases, maps on demand, cartographic data models, Geo Utilities, CMS systems, indices and indexing indexes, navigation data, data analysis, ZipFold® patent maps and guidebooks  Training and e-learning  Design: 3D elements, pictorials and symbols, layouts  Multilingual editions: Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese, Latin typesetting  Elevation data: Digital elevation models, terrain models, satellite images, aerial photographs