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Kartographie Huber offers hard- and software for visitor information public terminals or mobile devices, based on GIS CENTRE data. They provide routing, cultural and tourist attractions, any kind of point of interest and commercial venue localisation, such as conventions and exhibition centres, shopping malls and streets, restaurants, hotels. The public terminals can be profitably installed in small or large numbers.

City info map and guide

CITY INFO Local Intelligence System for tourists and citizens

CITY INFO terminals based on GIS CENTRE data, providing city and regional information, easy to use for tourists, visitors and citizens

The CITY INFO as a local information network system is a great advantage for visitors, tourists and citizens. Visitors can give a feedback of their impression of your city and help future developments.

Business travel and leisure tourism is helpful for the regional development.

Tourism enables the following:
•    Social Spread: To bring work to people of all skill and education levels.
•    Geographical Spread: To extend economic benefits to remote regions.
•    Seasonal Spread: To extend the travel season(s) by development of new tourism products and activities.

•    Tourist information
•    Navigation and maps
•    Regional development
•    Historic information
•    Local traditions
•    Local events
•    Public authorities information system
•    Hotel booking system
•    Restaurant booking system
•    Telephone
•    Internet access
•    Multilingual user interface
•    Output to mobile devices

Interactive City for everyone

•    Cyclists
•    Motor bikers
•    Bus tourists
•    Disabled persons
•    Citizens
•    Business travellers
•    Sponsors
•    Convention participants
•    Transient travellers
•    Permanent residents
•    Visitors and guests
•    Event participants

CITY INFO – Hardware

Various kinds of terminals with capabilities for all applications:

•    Outdoor and indoor terminals
•    Intranet and internet connection
•    Touch screen or keyboard
•    Telephone and webcam access
•    Outdoor/indoor payment terminal
•    Advertising panels
•    Illuminated advertisement windows
•    Printer
•    USB connectivity
•    Wireless (WIFI, Bluetooth) connectivity
•    Special barrier-free terminals for disabled persons
•    Several user languages

CITY INFO – Accessibility

Evaluation of terminal location - possible locations:

•    Highly frequented public places
•    Restaurants
•    Hotels
•    Tourist information offices
•    Public authorities offices
•    Travel agencies
•    Convention and exhibition centres
•    Airports, train stations
•    And many more…

Possible outdoor locations at highly frequented public places



CITY INFO – Content

•    General country information
•    General city information
•    Main tourist attractions
•    Data about cultural heritage
•    Data about natural heritage
•    Information about the tourist agency, hotels and accommodation
•    Information about important buildings, museums, galleries, city parks, etc.
•    Information about restaurants, cafe bars, clubs
•    Calendar of cultural events in the city
•    Information about sport activities
•    Information about public transport
•    Itinerary of routes and driving, bicycling or walking directions
•    Possibilities of car rentals
•    Information about emergency services, hospital, police, fire etc.
•    Shopping possibilities
•    Banks and money exchange
•    Weather forecast
•    Information about local companies and their products and services
•    Access to directories and encyclopaedias such as Wikipedia and Yellow Pages
•    Interactive maps, satellite images, aerial images, video and multimedia content


CITY INFO – Functionality

Beyond the tourist information of the CITY INFO the system allows various possibilities of application:

•    Radial search
•    Finding addresses
•    Locating streets
•    Route display with points of interest
•    Various thematic maps based on statistical analysis
•    Map navigation
•    Video presentation
•    Guided tour
•    Internet telephony
•    E-Mail access
•    Output possibilities

The CITY INFO allows various output possibilities:
•    Send a result per e-mail to e-mail address
•    Send a result per SMS text message or MMS multimedia message to mobile phone
•    Print a hardcopy on paperTransmit selected information to mobile phone or GPS device via Bluetooth, WIFI or other technologies