Local Intelligence System for Water Management

To run an effective, sustainable and intelligent water management program, it is mandatory to use comprehensive hydrographic knowledge data to assure the availability of hydrographical information with geo context, and thereby enable effective planning.

LIS AQUA is a centrally managed, scalable water management system, an ideal monitoring and documentation tool using analysis and evaluation of results and showing them in graphical representation.

Multimedia content, like texts, tables, graphs, geo images, audio data and video, can be combined and locally referenced. Data from mobile GPS can be directly integrated. Online sources can be accessed via web services.

Using combined basic geographical data, statistical data from meteorology, sociology, geography, climatology or environmental monitoring, as well as information about land use and regional development it is easily possible to play out an unlimited variety of scenarios.

Factors influencing water quality, quantity and availability can be determined und demonstrated. The effects of climate change can be computed, as well as natural periodical hydrographical cycles.