LIS – Local Intelligence System

Central Knowledge Data Bank for an Entire Region


LIS is a centrally managed, web based geo information center that enables any licensed user, like a government, NGO, private enterprise or individual to access information quickly and efficiently. It serves as a planning tool and master plan instrument. 

Beginning on a small scale with only a few subjects, the LIS can be expanded with numerous kinds of content, like a cadastre register of real estate, or even an entire water resources data bank for urban or regional planning.

Other statistical data can be imbedded into the system to show trends, demographic currents and developments in the population, the environment, the economy, in industry and government. These can be made visible in a geographical context and utilized for strategical planning.

Our main goal is to guarantee the proper installation of the system, in-depth training, and the complete putting into service with life cycle management by long-term maintenance of the system.

LIS is a solution that connects regional development and strategic planning to supraregional  institutions. The system can be scaled to fit requirements from municipal administrations to district and state governments.