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Local Information Systems

Local Intelligence System (LIS)

The centrally organised Geographic Information System ( GIS ), controlled by the municipality, forms the backbone of an information network for all users from the public or private sector, citizens and visitors.
The GIS in combination with online search engines, telephone directories and interactive encyclopaedias will expand the information results.
Accessed via Internet or intranet, digital output of select information of a certain region or of a complete area can be provided to a wide audience.
With this central information knowledgebase there will be no more redundancies and updating is concentrated in one organisation – the municipality.

The LIS is divided in two basic modules:


Centrally organised Geographic Information System (GIS), controlled by the municipality as an informational planning tool and master plan


CITY INFO terminals based on GIS CENTRE data, providing city and regional information, easy to use for tourists, visitors and citizen


For water management:

Local Intelligence System for Water Management