Experimental and action research

The newly developed Online Geographical Information System interfaces decentralised information sources to build networks automatically. The system searches intranets or the Internet for decentral information based on a subject or trade
(for example tourism > hotels). It analyses hits and shows results to the user in simplified form on a central platform. It also assesses hit quality, structuring results in categories and showing them in maps of the best scale (sample on the left: Tarhuna 1: 10, 000). Courtesy of the system’s modular structure, users can evaluate information statistically with analysing tools and geo-code objects semi-automatically.
     The GPS interface enables users to upload data to a GPS device or download data they have collected to the Online GIS. The Online GIS platform features a remarkably easy to use interface. Intuitive, menu-guided navigation and appealing visuals make handling and exploring a pleasure for users. State-of-the-art web programming optimises the map server and search engine’s performance and ensures data security.

Maps on Demand:
A new application called Maps on Demand enables users to create personal maps online and to publish results even in low print runs. The client determines the content and graphic design, while the Online GIS Map Server locates the region and determines the view’s scale. The map and surrounding area may also show customer information and added content such as advertisements. This personalised map is delivered in a digital print on demand file or sent online to the customer in PDF format.
     The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology sponsors the Online GIS and Maps on Demand.