Interactive Maps and Cartography online

Kartographie Huber gives you interactive maps that easily integrate within your web pages, multimedia-projects and wireless-applications with an individualized look and feel. CD-ROM, mobile devices and many more can be supported with our maps.

     All Kartographie Huber maps worldwide, and those of our network partners, are available in an identical online version. State-of-the-art programming using Flash, combines the maps with your point-of-interest databases and can be customised to visualize anything from local businesses, lodging and dining, to weather, traffic and safety information. Fast and easy to use, they enrich websites of many topics with colorful maps. Optimized for screen use and fast transfer times, in mobile, wireless or classic networks.

     The maps are manually made by real cartographers, cartographic engineers and experienced map editors, opposed to the car-navigation-data based rough imagery and renderings many tech companies present as "maps" today. Our own staff and international partners who are renowned map publishers in their specific country contribute. The maps can optionally be adapted to your corporate colors and fonts, contain your logos, buildings and visualize future projects.

     Compatible with Microsoft Windows , Apple MacOS or Linux with web browsers Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox or Opera and a few more. Made to your specification: maps for real estate listings and sales literature, store locators, transportation networks, election districts, "how to find us" location maps, gazeteers and any other map idea you might have.


  Vector based cartography beats blurry, bulky pixel image files
  Print licenses and web licenses of identical maps for consistent corporate identity
  Country and/or city street level maps of most destinations worldwide
  Optimized, compact map files load quickly on wired or mobile networks
  Fast map zoom and pan
  Guaranteed sharp map details
  Interactive search and navigation features
  Dynamic websites with maps supporting your database of locations or other data
  High performance interfaces for PHP, ASP or other script languages
  Support and advice to make your project with maps a succes