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Data Handling

Kartographie Huber’s universal approach to data handling

Kartographie Huber has created bespoke cartographic solutions from the start. The tailor-made solution is often a mix of tried and true templates and new developments. The company takes a modular approach, matching even mere fragments from different data sources for a perfect fit. The OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard figures prominently in these efforts.
     The company’s approach to handling data affords it the greatest flexibility and lets it edit and map data in any GIS/CAD application. Kartographie Huber always mines cartographic content to satisfy each customer’s needs, leveraging the latest and best practices to ensure universal usability. Its experts excel at formatting GIS/CAD and navigation data to create top-drawer cartographic products and at converting graphical artworks to routable multimedia-based GIS content. Kartographie Huber works chiefly with prevailing data formats such as Shape, Geodatabase, DGN, DXF, XML, GML, MIF and all pixel formats.
     The enterprise’s experience in migrating GPS points and tracks, external databases and imaging data runs deep. The skill set also covers converting projections and controlling automated processes (sample: Lake Garda 1: 50, 000).