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Geoinformation, Geographic Information Systems, GIS-Technology graphically enhanced

Once a topic for experts, today a much wider public is focusing on geo information. It has become a vital asset in municipal government, logistics, environmental planning, health services, navigation, fleet management, rescue services, and many more endeavors. Geo information is all about bringing together spatial data with the factual information associated with objects. This entails pinpointing objects’ position by describing their spatial circumstances, loading these descriptions into the system, and enriching these data with any other freely extendible information. These data may then be used for purposes of analysis, planning, comparison, and so forth. And they may be visualized as plotted, printed, and interactive online map images. Software, hardware, and network technology has evolved fast so that today these systems are very easy to handle. In the early ‘90s, Kartographie Huber anticipated that this was where cartography was headed, and embraced GIS technology early on. We have relied on it for more than 15 years.

The map is the basis for visualizing data. In the past, GIS systems evolved so swiftly that map representations couldn’t keep pace, and quality often suffered. Not so for us. The focus of our developments has always been fixed firmly on the final product’s quality. Today GIS systems are so advanced that they can produce flawless print templates. From initial processing to premium-quality printing, Kartographie Huber processes geo data in ESRI’s geo information system ArcGIS, among other applications, which interfaces with an Oracle database. For all their virtues, GIS systems have yet to become the perfect design tools, so we employ special tools and applications for tasks such as vectoring, rastering, attributing, converting graphical data, and so forth.

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