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Official Project

Project: on-line Geo-Information

Funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology. Look forward to our new, in developing on-line Geo-Information System (GIS Online) for the automatic networking of knowledge portals. This information will be distributed in the intra-or Internet, branch, or topic-related (eg Tourism -> Hotels) "be trimmed, analyzed, and for the user in a simple form of centrally accessible. I.e. the user need not constantly between different knowledge sources (websites) and their user interfaces to switch. A search (eg hotels on Lanzarote) can be done centrally and does not separately on each side to be disposed of. The timeliness of knowledge creates advantage, saving time and success. Therefore, all information of a quality control. The information is provided, broken down by categories and the best cards in each scale. The modular design of the overall concept through analysis tools allow a statistical analysis of this information and allows for a largely automated geocoding of addresses. The greatest emphasis is placed on the usability of the online GIS laid. Intuitive menu guidance and graphically appealing interface design and navigation should be searching for the experience. By using the latest web technologies, the performance of the map server and the search engines and maximize the security of the data. Rounding out the on-line through the integrated GIS-GPS interface to input and reading routes and waypoints on your GPS device.